My sins are washed away!

God has washed away my sins!

I was looking at a photo that I had taken of the Grand Canyon when I began to wonder about what happened to all that dirt that once filled it up.  It’s just gone, never to be seen again. Christ took advantage of that thought and created in my mind a analogy between the missing dirt that’s never to be seen again and my sins. He reminded me that He had separated me from my sins as far as the east is from the west. As the dirt that once filled the Grand Canyon is just gone, so are my sins. So I painted this painting to remember it by.

Yes, I have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus and I am forgiven. Wow! If you are in Christ the same goes for you. If you are not in Christ then your sins are still clinging to you like sand on sandpaper. Only Christ can forgive you and cleanse you of all your sins. Only Christ. He has to cleanse you of your sins before He can indwell you. He will do that the moment you ask Him to. What are you waiting on? Now is the time.

Moment of Moments

There is a moment that surpasses all other moments in history. It trumps all other events in transformative power, changing the human condition for the better. In fact, it is only what happened during this moment that has any transformative power to reshape any individual.  For without this moment mankind could never change, locked forever in a dungeon under the control of an unrecognized, unknown entity. This moment, and only this moment, set the captive free.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone. Lying on a cold slab of stone, a dead body, hours from decay, beyond any hope, rises. Then the moment of moments occurs: a divine germination, life out of death, light out of darkness, thought out of thoughtlessness, the startling of the grave. The action of this event happens, hidden from human sight under the earth, as is the case for most seeds. But not for long. A young tender shoot bursts through the dry ground; a stone is rolled back. The proto-moment has happened: a young man, now King of Kings and Lord of Lords, given a new type of life the world has never seen or known steps forward; the first in the power of a resurrected life.

This life, this resurrected life, is the source of all the transformations that have followed. In this resurrected life, the transformed live. Those without this life have no choice but to follow the same course, to stay in the same dungeon under the promptings of a flesh that is controlled by an entity under the command of the principal of death and darkness. This moment of moments established the difference between life and death. It is this life that is given to those who ask. The transformed are not given a life different or apart from this new life, but are given that same life: His new resurrected life. This life permanently seals those who receive it to God Himself because it extends from His Life. It is the Christ Life; the Life the Father gave Him at that very moment when He quickened Him.